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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tips from Expert Quilter Mary Knapp

Knapp Lighthouses
Some of Mary Knapp's favorite light houses along the Great Lakes Seaway Trail

Tips from Expert Quilter Mary Knapp:

Mary Knapp, quilt pattern designer and the author of “Star Quilts” to be released by C&T Publishing later this year, offers these design tips if quilters are interested in creating a pictorial or art quilt to enter:

  • Start with a photograph of the scenic drive or area that inspires you.
  • Trace a simple general outline using tissue paper over a photo.
  • Don’t be too complex at first; add details later.
  • Think about whether you want to use warm or cool colors.
  • Blend 3-6 shades of one color for effect.
  • Add an accent color to make a detail jump out.
  • Cut some pieces, lay the pattern out on the floor.
  • Then fit fabrics to the elements.
  • Stand back and look, adjust to your liking, then begin sewing.

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