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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Beauty of the Byways 2013 Quilt Show Theme Announced

Beauty of the Byways 2013 Quilt Show Theme and Challenge

Have you ever wanted to create a quilt inspired by an especially scenic drive near your home or on vacation? If so, you are invited to make a quilt for the Great Lakes Seaway Trail 2013 international “Beauty of the Byways” quilting event.

The “Beauty of the Byways” theme offers endless possibilities for quilters and fabric artists from all across the U.S. and Canada to showcase their own favorite byway, road, scenic drive, or landscape. How you interpret your favorite is completely up to you!

The 2013 show entry requirements are wide open to artistic originality - miniature quilts, wall-hangings, and quilts of any size are welcome.

“Beauty of the Byways” is a great theme with lots of opportunities: “Beauty of the Byways” quilt stories may share a story extolling the virtues of a chosen byway or blend the quilt’s design into fictional tales of waterfront romance, fun in the sun, favorite vacation spots or other imaginations.

You may use any pattern you would like – perhaps a Double Irish Chain in shades of blues and greens might represent the scenic beauty of a drive along Kings Highway 2 running along the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario. Maybe a scrappy, rotary cut patchwork of green and brown triangles could recall the spruce, pine, and larch of a drive along the New York State Olympic Trail Scenic Byway that runs through the Adirondacks.

Your quilt entry can be: Pieced, Appliqué, Traditional, Contemporary, Art Quilt, Pictorial, Embellished, Wearable Art, etc. It’s all up to you. Please note that the New York Beauty pattern can be used, but is not required.

"A 1000 Islands Seaway Trail Experience" by April Neisz and Thousand Islands International
Tourism Council, Alexandria Bay, NY is a good example of a pictorial quilt.

You might choose to make a traditional pieced block patchwork quilt such as this quilt "A Dream Voyage: Sailing the Seaway" by Kim Keller, Norwood, NY. It was entered in a previous Great Lakes Seaway Trail quilt show.

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